Wilson County Books From Birth

Register for Wilson County Books From Birth

Register for Wilson County Books From Birth

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Live in Wilson County. If you do not live in Wilson County, please enroll your child online at www.GovernorsFoundation.org.
  2. Fill out and turn in the registration form, or enroll your child at www.GovernorsFoundation.org.
  3. Books are mailed to the address listed on the form. The post office will not forward your books if you move! You must inform us. To continue receiving books if the child’s address changes, contact your local organization listed below or call 1-877-99-BOOKS.
  4. Read with your child.

Registration Form
Click here to view an image of the Registration Form.

When Will I Receive Books?
Eight to ten weeks after your form has been received, books will begin arriving at your home.

How Can I Help?
Participation is free. But if you would like to help by sponsoring a child in our community, secure online donations may be made at www.GovernorsFoundation.org, or donations may be sent to:
Wilson Books From Birth
149 Pubic Square
Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 444-5586

A project sponsored by the Wilson County Chamber of Commerce.

Special thanks to Cracker Barrel Foundation, MTE Customers Care, Inc., Ligon & Bobo Funeral Home, Inc., Wilson Bank & Trust and Rotary Clubs for their support.

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